Dreifaltige Rollenspiel-Lektüre

Drei Falten mit einem Rollenspielerkopf dahinter, ergibt einen nachdenklichen, amüsanten und relativ bodenständigen Blick auf das was war, ist und möglicherweise in der Szene los sein wird.

Dienstag, November 07, 2006

Stepping into the Limelight

This site is dedicated to random ideas concerning roleplaying games.


"The follwing isn't meant to imply I have anything to teach you. However, some of it may be food for thought. Use what makes sense to you and ignore the rest."
-Ron Edwards, Sorcerer

"Anyone who plays a role-playing game believing that they have to choose between making serious, moving stories and having a fun, challenging game with clear-cut rulesis missing the point of the medium, It's not this or that... it's this and that. I don't love role-playing games because I'm too lazy to tell a story and then play a game of chess. I love them because, at their best, these story games touch the heart and stir the blood in ways that neither stories nor games do alone."
-TonyLB, Capes!